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What Is A Text Message?
Text messaging, TXT or texting is a common term for sending short text messages containing 160 characters (including letters, spaces and numbers) or less from mobile phones using the Short Message Service (SMS).
What Does It Mean To Opt-In?

Your customers Opt-In to your list by either filling out a web-based form or by sending a text message with your Keyword to our 8338710910 thereby giving you permission to send them text messages.

What Does It Mean To Opt-Out?

Your customers can Opt-Out of your list by replying to any text message you send them with the word STOP. From time to time you must include the following notice within your marketing messages: Opt-out:txt Keyword STOP to your ten digit phone number. Help:txt HELP to your ten(10) digit phone number. Max 7msgs/wk.

Who Regulates Text Messaging?
In The United States, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates text messaging. ROAD RULES

  • Consumers must ‘Opt-in’ to a Short Code program from their mobile device before they can be sent anything. Even an initial message that asks for permission is considered SPAM.
  • Consumers must ‘double’ opt-in (confirm their intent to subscribe by replying YES) to any program that charges fees. T-Mobile also requires a double opt-in for any program that is recurring – even standard rated marketing and alerts.
  • All subscription services with recurring messages (even standard rated programs) must provide the “Frequency” during the Opt-In confirmation. For example: “Max 8x/mth”.
  • All subscription services with recurring messages (even standard rated programs) must contain “Rply STOP 2End Msgs” in each and every message.
  • All programs must support the universal commands STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP ALL, and HELP.
How Can I Promote My SMS Text Messaging Service To My Customers?

Your campaign message to consumers should be simple and can be added to the promotions you are already running! Simply add the text, ‘Join ABCD’s VIP Club To Find Out About Upcoming Events. Send the Word ABCD to your ten (10) digit phone number Now!’ Some popular examples of ways you can promote and build your Opt-in list can be found here.

What Cellular Carriers Do You Support?
Supported carriers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, Cellular One, US Cellular, Cspire, Boost and others. Our access reaches 98% of all cell phones in the US.
How Do I Access My SMS Account?
SMS text messaging software is web-based.
Do I Need Any Special Software/Hardware?
No, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.
How Quickly are Messages Received?
Messages are sent immediately or can be scheduled for future delivery.
Is There A Limit To How Many Messages I Can Send?
There is no limit to how many messages you can send using our service but you’ll experience much higher Opt-Out’s from your list if you send more than one message per day to each of your subscribers.
How Much Does Your Service Cost?
Mutual SMS Texting is affordable and specific pricing for our services can be found here.
How Do I Sign-up for Your Service?
The proper explanation and implementation of our service requires a visit from one of our professional representatives at your business location. Please contact us here and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment that will initially take approximately thirty minutes of your time. The ability to contact your customers at any time, anywhere is no longer a dream. By adding Short Message Service (SMS) to your marketing mix, the effectiveness of your message with new and existing customers will skyrocket.