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With our unique SMS Mobile Platform and marketing expertise working for you, you can benefit from the endless possibilities throughout the vast North American and global markets. Call Cliff Eldridge at 601-201-2805 Today!

Our plans include pricing allowing you to choose the pricing model that best fits your needs.

Self Managed Starter Plan

20 monthly

Self Managed

50 monthly

Professional SMS Management

100 monthly

 The Mutual WebAgency Mobile Media platform is simple to use! (1) Brand your business, (2) Develop your database of customer cell phone numbers and (3) Promote your special offers, events, services, coupons, etc. directly to your customers.

To sign-up for Mutual SMS Self Management options or fully managed options listed above, contact Cliff Eldridge by text at 601-201-2805 and leave your email address along with your phone number and Cliff will provide you details about getting the most from our Text Message Marketing (SMS) platform and provide needed professional training and answer any questions you may have.

Features include:

  • We’ll get your ten (10) digit phone number of your choice setup for sending   and receiving messages
  • Unlimited sub-keywords and groups/interests to segment your mobile community
  • Simply promote your keyword as agreed to build your data base and we manage everything including your specified campaigns
  • The ability for members to sign up from your website or their mobile phone
  • Ability to schedule messages for future delivery
  • Full 160 characters for sending messages
  • You own your data – We NEVER rent or sell your customer phone numbers

Keywords are 4-10 characters and cannot have spaces! All plans are month-to-month and require either bank drafts or credit card debits! Billing fees will be drafted each month on your agreement’s anniversary dates for each months service! You may cancel your account at anytime with thirty (30) days written notice.

If you are looking for more advanced features, your own ten (10) digit phone number or a customized application, please call Cliff Eldridge to discuss your specific needs.